Friday, August 14, 2009

Oh no! I've been DRUGGED!

Dear Bloggers...
It has been a while since I've updated my blog
(anyone misses me? hehehe... perasan)
I was HIGH!!
I can't think straight...
I can't open my eyes!
Oh no!!! I've been DRUGGED!!
My operation went smoothly on Tuesday, 11th August 2009
It started at 1740H and ended at 1910H
Thank you so much Dr. Yong :)
my dedicated and charming Orthopaedic Surgeon
However, the post operative pain
was a bit too much for me to bare
with just simple oral painkillers
Therefore Dr. Ghazaime,
the kind and friendly Anaesthetist in charge
decided to put me on
PCA (patient control analgesia) Morphine
Basicly... i just need to press a button
which will deliver the Morphine
directly into my blood circulation
and control the pain over my left knee
The Morphine dose has been calculated in such a way
that I will not get Morphine overdose
I was pain free
Just a bit sleepy...ZzZzZzzzz
I was in lala land most fo the time for the past 2 days
That's good news...
I can recover peacefully and comfortably!!
As most of us are aware of...
morphine is derived from poppy flowers
These beautiful sexy red darlings are fierce!!
They can make you high!!
Don't worry darlings...
if you have been prescribed Morphine
by a registered and certified Doctor for the rite reason...
which is PAIN CONTROL,
you will NOT get ADDICTED to Morphine!
You will NEVER end up being a

The moment you stop taking Morphine...

you will be as good as before

trust me... i know!!
This is my second time to be on PCA Morphine
1st time was during my spine surgery in 2006
No oral painkiller can control pain better than morphine
So if your Doctor is kind enuff to advise you
for PCA Morphine...
just say YES :)
Gee... what's that blue tupperware thingy doing beside my bed?
It's the CryoCuff
for icy cold compression
to reduce swelling over my knee
Mr.Cryo has been my very best friend
for the past 3 days
Continuous cold compression helps a lot
My left knee is just mildly swollen :)
Even now... while I'm updating my blog,
Mr. Cryo is busy at work over my left knee!
Just wrap the nylon cast
around the operated knee snuggly
and the compression mechanism will
inflate and deflate icy cold water
into the blue nylon cast
Simple but affective
Heaven on earth...
lying in bed with Samsung flat screen tv right in front of me
AXN and Starworld all the way bebeh!
Mr. Cryo over my left knee
PCA Morphine by my side
nyummy fruit flan cheesecake in my mouth!
Great way to recover :)
I wanna get better fast
I want to bake cupcakes!!
I want to cook!!
I have not been cooking nor baking for the past 2 weeks!
That it SO NOT ME!!!
Sabar ye Su....
nanti I bake the chocoliscious quadraple choc cuppies for you
Choc moist cuppies +
choc chunks inside +
choc fudge topping +
choc chips sprinkles =
QUADRAPLE chocoliscious, heavenly and sinful cupcakes!!
Siapa-siapa yang dah terliur... sila place your order
I'll update you accordingly once the time has come
Ececece.... macam la apa-apa sangat
kecoh je!
Ngeh ngeh ngeh....
I'll be discharged home tomorrow insyaAllah
Yeay! Can't wait to go home
I miss my little boy like crazy
Tak miss my hubby coz everynite hubby temankan tido kat spital
Thank you so much darling for your support :)
Dengar suara kat phone je tak cukup
"Amirul... kalau semua OK, esok mama balik kay...
Amirul tak leh datang spital tau...
kat sini ramai orang sakit, banyak kuman...
nanti Amirul demam tak best.
Kene makan ubat. Cian sayang mama nanti.
Esok kita manja-manja kat rumah ek...
bleh tido celah ketiak mama cam biasa!"
Chalo darlings!!

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