Tuesday, August 04, 2009

My OH my!!!

Dear Bloggers.....
It seemed that the injury to my left knee is worse than I've expected
I was planned for a left knee surgery next week...
on Tuesday 11th August 2009 InsyaAllah
The operation was unable to be performed within this week
because the swelling over my left knee is still very significant
In view of this...
I'll be 'away' for a few weeks
I need ample rest and physiotherapy post operatively
to ensure full recovery
before I can get up and start kicking again!
I am teribbly sorry to dissapoint a few pending cupcake orders
However, order for Belgian Chocolates will continue as usual
My new 'gadget' a.k.a. my new best friend
Always there for me... waiting patiently beside my bed
I hope everything will go on fine as planned...
Please pray for my speedy recovery
I'll keep you guys updated accordingly!
Chalo darlings!!


Anonymous said...


ligament koyak ke? my mom had this dulu. jatuh spilt level je. but she didnt do the surgery sbb takut. pegi buat tradisional treatment, urut2. then alhamdulillah, dah ok.

get well soon, kak. :)
- dee.

Masyithah Ma'arof said...

hi dee... a'ah, ligament koyak n a few other injuries. kalau ligament je koyak insyaAllah tak yah operate, tapi kali ni injury kinda bad plak. so... terpaksalah gamaknye. tq dee :)

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