Thursday, January 29, 2009

Opportunity you don't wanna miss!!

Dear Bloggers...
WOW!! Just look at those to-die-for handbags, wallets and clutches.
Which one is your favorite?
Don't u just wanna have them?
Well... sure you can!!
Just follow these simple steps:
1. Choose your favorite item (and of course u can choose more than one darlings!)
2. Email me at to PREORDER
3. Bank in 50% of the price stated
4. Wallah!! Your dream item will be on its way to Malaysia!!
Kindly please take note that all these items are not yet in Malaysia
InsyaAllah... item will arrive safely by mid of February2009.
Once your pre-ordered item is received by me safely, I will inform you a.s.a.p. via email.
Next, just bank in the full amount and I will deliver the item to you.
Before I forget...POSTAGE (anywhere in Peninsular Malaysia) IS FREE!! Yeay!!
Ohya!!! Dun weri... if your item is out of stock...I will refund the deposit 100%.
But... just a little note,
cancellation of pre-ordered item which is available will not be entertained... and 50% deposit will not be refunded.
Apologies in advance.
PREORDER starts today and ends by 7th February 2009.
So... hesitate no more!!
Please take note that stocks are limited in number. Better HURRY UP darlings!
To date of 31st Jan 2009 - these items are still available.

Dior Ethnic Zip Shoulder Bag RM2600

Dior Ethnic Large Hobo Bag RM2800

Dior Ethnic Zip Tote RM4000

Dior Ethnic Croc-Stamped Patent bag RM4100 Marc by Marc Jacobs Lock It Up Camille RM1500

Marc by Marc Jacobs Punk Posh Dot RM2000

Marc by Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Terry RM1750 Marc by Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Mag Bag RM1550 Marc by Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Large Zip Around RM900
Marc by Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Billfold RM600
FURLA Elisabeth Medium Shoulder RM1950
FURLA Lara Medium Shoulder RM1900
Marc by Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Faridah RM1750
Tod's Restyled D-bag Tote Media RM5400
Tod's Akan Tracolla Piatta Media RM3400
Marc by Marc Jacobs Dr.Q Colorblock Groovee RM1570
Marc by Marc Jacobs Plane Jane Small Sloane Bag RM800
Marc Jacobs Collection Sethi Stripe Suvi Bag RM3150
Marc Jacobs Collection Carter Wristlet Eugiene RM1800
Marc Jacobs Collection DayDream Eugiene Clutch RM1500
Fendi Small Leather Chef Tote RM2800
Fendi Small Leather Chef Tote RM2800
Hmm.... is that all? Well... not really.
Maybe the items listed above just doesn't suit your taste...
maybe you have been eyeing on a different bag which has not been listed here.
Darlings... it would be impossible for me to list down 1001 items here... don't you think so?
FRET NO MORE! Just email me at
Enlighten me about what you really really want.
I'll give you the best quotation a.s.a.p...
Aside from that, I also entertain request for shoes... jeans... etc.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Dear bloggers...
Don't you just wanna strut sexily in that gorgeous
Marc by Marc Jacobs... Marc Jacobs Collection... Fendi... Tods...
or even Dior handbag?
Swaying left and right... 'catwalking' around the block!!
Envy eyes piercing on you! Argghhh... dream come true!! Yeah bebey!
Didn't I tell you that dreams can come true...
I'm opening up PRE-ORDERED ITEMS soon... prices are reasonable...
InsyaAllah... prices will not cause you a leg or and an arm... hehehe.
Choices are superb... and you will surely find at least one item that will sweep you of your feet!

Do look out for my next update pretty soon!!

Chalo darlings!

Clearance SALE!! - NEW ITEMS added on 30th Jan 2009!!!

Dear Bloggers!!
CLEARANCE SALE is here....
all these items are selling at REDUCED PRICES with FREE POSTAGE.
Hurry up! Items are limited. Grab your favorite item (or even items!) and email me at
For further details and pictures... kindly please click on the respective archive. Thank you!!
BANANA REPUBLIC Black Top was RM100 - NOW at RM80!
DKNY Beige Wallet was RM150 - NOW at RM140!

BANANA REPUBLIC Long Green Dress was RM150 - NOW at RM140! ONLY ONE AVAILABLE - Size L

Marc Jacobs wallet was RM160 - NOW at RM140!!

COACH Zoe Signature Wristlet was RM450 - NOW at RM400!! (Price at COACH outlet at The Gardens Mid Valley is RM700!) ONLY ONE AVAILABLE COACH Legacy Signature Wristlet was RM400 - NOW atRM370!! ONLY ONE AVAILABLE COACH Zoe Patchwork Wristlet was RM550 - NOW at RM500!! ONLY ONE AVAILABLE Booked by Dayang

DKNY Dark Brown Wallet was RM150 - NOW at RM140! GAP English Rose Blouse was RM100 - NOW at RM80!! AVAILABLE IN SIZE S, M & L - one of each BANANA REPUBLIC Orange Top was RM100 - NOW at RM80!! ONLY ONE AVAILABLE - Size M BANANA REPUBLIC Light Blue Top was RM100 - NOW at RM80!! ONLY ONE AVAILABLE - Size M COACH Top Handle Signature Fabric was RM650 - NOW at RM600!! ONLY ONE AVAILABLE

Sunday, January 18, 2009

CHICK STUFFS! paid a visit to Nip n Tuck!

Dear bloggers...
CHICK STUFFS! had a facelift over the weekend... a more fresh, young and vibrant presentation!! Hope all of you like the 'new' and more pleasing to the eyes CHICK STUFFS!
Well... we shop, we go for spa, even our dearie handbag go for spa... how bout our health? Have we performed any health check recently? Anyone out there would like info about BREAST CANCER? Just click and submit your say at the poll on the lower right hand corner... if responses are impressive, I'll lay down few important points pertaining Breast Cancer Awareness for my dear bloggers.
Well darlings... HEALTH is WEALTH! Prevention is no doubt better than cure :)
Chalo darlings... have a GREAT week ahaed!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

LeShine PRICELIST! so wanna go to LeShine! Me so wanna spa that bag of mine... BUT
How much eh? Will it cost a bomb? Will I have to sustain on Maggi mee throughout the week? Will I not be able to buy another designer handbag at Pavilion at the end of the month?
Cheer up darlings... here comes the reasonable and affordable pricelist!
LeShine charges according to your handbag size.
Please take note that all measurements are in cm :)
Full clean: (length + width) x 3.3
Partial clean: (length + width) x 1.8
Spot clean: (length + width) x 1.0
example: My bag is 30cm in length and 20cm in width. It needs a full clean.
(30+20) x 3.3 = 165 = RM165 only! No kidding!
Full restoration/dye: (length + width) x 6.0
Partial restoration/dye: (length + width) x 3.3
Spot restoration/dye: (length + width) x 1.8
NOTE: All restoration charges is excluded of the cleaning price. Therefore, if you wanna dye a bag... you need to add up cleaning price and restoration/dye price.
A pair of shoes, sneakers, heels and slippers is RM30 per pair.
Jacket is less than RM120.
They also sells products to clean your leather yourself, protection for your bags and other stuffs/services as well. They also entertain special request such as remove odor, patchwork cleaning, retain trimming, metal polish etc at a fraction of a price.
After servicing the bag, it will look at least 80% new or clean!!
Yes!! Lets head to LeShine for a bag spa!! See you there!

It's time to LeShine!! - updated!

Dear bloggers...
Apologies for the delay. It have been a hethic day at work.... Hey chill darlings... it's Friday!! Weekend is just around the corner... and it's time to LeShine!!!
INTRODUCING THE STAR OF THE DAY.... that all of you have been waiting for... TARAAA!!
MY BAGSPA - LeShine!!
Address: 08-83, Level 8 Berjaya Times Square, East Wing, Jalan Imbi 55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Phone: 03 21445563 Mon – Sat: 12pm – 7pm Sun: 1pm – 5pm Closed on public holidays Email:
To get there:
Just take the lift to level 8, you can see a stretch of U mobile shops. Le Shine is situated along the same row, at the corner. You can also take the east wing lift to level 8 and turn right :)
MyBagSpa is not just an average professional cleaner for your belongings.
We know that doing our best is always not enough.
In order to reach the ultimate balance of all three senses, we make sure that nothing is overlooked. From cleaning away stains to color restoration of leather articles, we make sure that all items that are serviced by us looks, feels and smells as good as new!
WOW!! That's good to know... I'm sure you dear bloggers have at least one handbag that really... urgently... undoubtly... needs a spa!!
Let us see a few interesting pictures... well, just to give us a rough idea on what will happen to our most loved handbags (didnt I tell you they can spa your shoes too?) at MyBagSpa...
Condition - color fade, soiling, scuff, oil stain
Solution - Full dye Nice!! Looks like new... no more ugly bottom!! hehehe :)
Condition - Blackish, Black stain, Dirt Solution - Full Clean Another satisfied customer

Condition - color fade, soiling, scuff, oxidation Solution - Full dye Sweet pinky once again! Taraaaa!!

Condition - Mould forming up due to improper care taking Solution - Full dye Ugly mould no more!

Condition - soiling on corners, oxidation Solution - Full Dye + retaining color of ostrich spots. Hey! They can even take care of the ostriches at MyBagSpa... coolness!Condition - color fade, soiling, scuff Solution - Full dye Looks like new... I'm sure Madonna will agree too!

Condition - oxidation, soiling, scuff Solution - Full dye All white and spiky clean!!

So... what do you think? Great services to me :) I'll surely come back for more. Hey!! How much? Must be expensive to 'treat' an expensive handbag or shoes rite? Nolah.... it's reasonable. Trust me... i saw the pricelist already. You wanna peep too? Sure.... I'll be back soon!!

Keep an eye on my blog kay!

Chalo darlings!!

LeShine BAGSPA!!

Yeay!!! I received my reply email from LeShine MYBAGSPA... sabar ye darlings... I'll update soon :) WOW!!! The pricelist is really affordable and reasonable.... can't wait to spill the beans!! Look out for my updates sometime today kay! Chalo!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

BAGtitude!! Let's BAG-SPA darlings!

Handbags... handbags... handbags... different styles, brands and colors... pricey ones... not so pricey ones... (who cares... I just luv them, those are my handbags by the way... mine... all mine.... hehehe) nicely arranged in their respective dustbags and boxes... lying in the closet. Why honey? Lets get it OUT!! STRUT with it... show us what you have. If you were to keep it there... all cozy and wrapped up.... no one will take notice, and we can't say --- the BAGtitude lady is coming bebeh!!! Make way! Hey... I spent a fortune for those bags... I dun wanna ruin its color... I dun wanna stain to get onto it... I might accidentally scratch the outer shiny leather!! And WORSE --- I wont be able to do anything bout those ugly looking defects :( NOOOO!!! So... just ogle at those handbags in the closet! Auwww.... Fret no more darlings... we have BAG SPA now! Where? At Berjaya Times Square KL... Hey!!! In KL? Cool!! By the way.... what is BAG SPA all about? What does it offer? How much will it cost? My dearie handbags so needy of spa treatment! Well... keep an eye on this modest blog.... I'll update you more once I get hold of valuable info regarding the services there. I'm waiting for my email reply from BAG SPA :) Chalo darlings... I'll be back with GOOD news pretty soon! Yeah ladies... show me the BAGtitude!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Wishlist - Gucci, Dior, Marc Jacobs, Juicy Couture

Hi there dear bloggers... Well... another beautiful day. How are you today? Hope all of you are doing fine :) I was just wondering... lately, I've received multiple requests for Gucci, Dior, Marc Jacobs and Juicy Couture designer handbags. Why don't you designer-handbags-lovers out there (any brand is welcome) drop me an email and tell me your most desired handbags plus the reasonable budget that you are willing to spend on your dream handbags. Pictures or links to your dream handbags will surely be a big help to. Hurry up ladies (and gents to! hey... your loved one will surely be extra delighted... a little surprise will surely goes a looooong way! Trust me.... I know!)... email me your wishlist! I'll see what I can do... miracle DO happen rite? I might just be able to get hold of that dream handbag within your budget... and make your dream (or your loved ones) come true!! If you don't speak your mind out... I wont be able to figure it out dear :) Wishlist... wishlist.... wishlist.... I'm checking my mailbox soon!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Hi bloggers... How r u today? Thanks for blogging. I'm toping up my HERBALIFE stock soon... for my personal use. If anyone is interested to top up theirs too and would like my humble help... do email me at Further details and info regarding HERBALIFE are also welcome. Latest full payment via my CIMB account by Friday (9 Jan 2009) at 5pm. InsyaAllah ur product will be delivered to u via mail by next Friday (16 Jan 2009). Just in case u are wondering... I'm an official independant HERBALIFE distributor. My ID no. is MY080140. Thanks to Leeds for introducing me to this wonderful product :)

Saturday, January 03, 2009

UPDATED - 25th January 2008

Dear bloggers... Latest updates are as follows: 1. MARC JACOBS funky tiger red and blue wrislet - sold to Havenly Lily 2. MARC JACOBS classic flower black and blue wristlet - sold to Lyzza 3. MARC JACOBS black wallet - sold to Leed 4. MARC JACOB brown wallet - sold to Erna 5. DKNY light brown wallet - sold to Dr. KB 6. BANANA REPUBLIC long green dress - booked by Aina Ajeep 7. BANANA REPUBLIC green top - sold to Ninie 8. BANANA REPUBLIC black top - booked by Ayra 9. BANANA REPUBLIC blue top - sold to Farah 10. MARC JACOBS purple and red checkers wrislet - sold to Nurul 11. COACH Ergo leather wristlet - sold to Siti 12. COACH Metalic goldy wrislet - sold to Shah 13. COACH pink patchwork - sold to K. JB 14. COACH browny patchwork duffle - sold to Shah 15. COACH legacy grey leather - sold to K. JB 16. DKNY beige wallet - booked by Nizza 17. MARC JACOB brown wallet - sold to Erna

Post Christmas SALE in LOS ANGELES :)

Post Christmas sale was super great! Despite the cold and dry winter morning in Los Angeles... everyone was out to shop!! Just look at the crowd... main roads to Factory Outlet was jam packed by noon. People are even queueing to get into shops.
Many authentic and brand new items were sold at unbelievably low prices. I managed to grab a few interesting items to bring back home and share it with all of you dear bloggers.
Take a while and browse along with me.... you might just find something that is just too irresistible to let go!!
There are Banana Republic tops... DKNY wallets... COACH handbags & wrislet... GAP blouse... MARC JACOBS wallets & wristlets. All selling at reasonably low prices :)
Questions and booking are welcome. Just drop me an email at I'll get back to you a.s.a.p.
Do hurry up and place your order, because most items are limited in number.


Authentic Banana Republic BLACK top...
stretchable, cool material...
M size...
Very reasonable bargain :)
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