Monday, August 10, 2009


Dear Bloggers...
I'm off to Prince Court first thing tomorrow morning
I must avoid the heavy traffic in order to reach there
by 9am the latest
My left knee operation will take place
sometime around noon
Having mixed feelings here...
coz I hope the intra operative findings
will correlate with the MRI findings...
and the operation will not take long.
Surgeons dislike surprises!!
coz I never had my knee operated on..
and the post operative pain of coz!
coz I'm gonna get this operation done...
once and for all
ambulating with crutches is so troublesome!
I hope everything will be just fine
No pre operative issue
No intra operative unexpected finding
No post operative complication
And of coz
to my dear friends and bloggers out there...
please pray for my speedy recovery!!
My hands are itching away...
to make
Aside from that...
I wanna go and watch movies
I wanna go and eat dim sum
I wanna go shopping for raya!!
Arggghhh... so many plans
Hehehehehehe :)
I will keep you guys updated once everything is in place
Chalo darlings!


:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

insyaallah everythg will went smoothly...
our prayers will always be with u darl :D
take care k!

Masyithah Ma'arof said...

verde: TQ dear :)

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