Sunday, August 23, 2009

Boleh PERCAYA ke article ini?

Dear Bloggers...
I received this email today
Is this article for REAL?
Have any of you out there read about it too?
What say you?
Please leave comments for all of us here
Thanking you in advance
 By Todd Wesley
Today, I wanted to expose another
super-food that some people don't realize.
In fact, some people mistakenly
think of this food as "junk food".
It's pistachio nuts.
We should all know by now that
although nuts are composed of mostly fat,
they are all healthy fat
and loaded with tons of vitamins,
trace nutrients, and antioxidants.
And pistachios are definitely loaded with nutrition.
Yes, these should be part of your
guilt-free "approved" list of snack foods.
Not only are they great for you,
but they'redelicious too!
I recently saw a study done on pistachios
that divided the subjects into a control group,
a group eating 1.5oz of pistachios daily,
and a 3rd group eating 3oz of pistachios daily.
It was a controlled university study
done by Penn State Researchers.
The results were impressive...
Both of the pistachio groups
reduced significantly LDL bad cholesterol,
decreased non-high density lipoproteins
(another heart disease risk factor), 
and improved all LDL, HDL,
and total cholesterol ratios respective to each other.
The reason pistachios do a body good...
They are loaded with a unique balance
of healthy fatty acids andantioxidants.
So don't fear pistachios anymore
if you thought they were fattening...
Eat up and enjoy!
Feast for the eyes...
Let's have a look at how
we can improvise pistachios!
Chalo darlings!!

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