Sunday, June 28, 2009

Delivery time :)

Dear Bloggers...
It's Sunday!!
Where are you guys up to today?
Wedding invites?
Movie watching?
Window shopping?
Or just sleep and eat and do nothing at home?
As for me....
I'm getting ready to carry out some deliveries
One of it is the oh-ever-so-popular, in hi-demand, best selling
foundation lingerie
Lately i have been recieving emails enquring bout
So darlings.... feast your eyes...
Yes... I'm selling them at a much cheaper price
for a limited time only, while stock lasts
Despite the low price...
comes in the ORIGINAL PACKAGING...
No compromise on quality... it's HAI-O darlings...
Gotta run... dont wanna make my dear customers wait!!
If you are interested to own one...
just email me at:
Chalo darlings!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The gotta be the BEST tiramisu in the whole wide world!!

Dear Bloggers...
Alhamdulillah... 2 tahun sudah berlalu...
mahligai indah dibina bersama...
ada ketika suka... ada ketika duka...
dulu kami berdua... kini sudah bertiga
cubaan dan dugaan sentiasa mencari ruang....
namun berkat persefahaman dan
ikatan kasih sayang yang utuh....
semuanya bisa diharungi bersama
baru seketika tidak bersama... rindu datang menerpa
bila sudah bertemu mata... cinta makin berbunga
moga ikatan ini kekal hingga hakiki
Uikk... that was kinda jiwang... hehehe
well... i find it more poetic to express in Malay
more touchy... more romantic...
As for this year, we had our anniversary date at....
C. Club, Pavilion
Hubby's turn to decide where to go this time around
A quiet table for two... by the corner overlooking Starhill
very private.... luv it!
Refreshments for the day...
Virgin Lychee Mojito for him
Virgin Jet Lee for her
Excellent cream of forest mushroom soup...
just love the chunky mushrooms!
The best I've tasted so far aside from the one in Marche, The Curve
Anybody out there tested better? Do tell me!!
I'm a die hard fan of cream of forest mushroom soup
The minestrone soup is not bad too
But i prefer the cream of forest mushroom soup anytime!
Yummy starter...
scallop foei gras
juicy... the pan seared scallops are truly delicious!
Mains.... medium well aged tenderloin
the tempura shimeji mushroom added kick to the steak!
Hubby decided to have... well done
lemon grass and rosemary marinated lamb loin
the gravy is complimented the lamb well


Dessert time :)

I'm full by then but who can say no to The C. Club Supermisu!!

As long it is something sweet and sinful.... hehehehe

Aauuuwwww.... the writings on the white porcelain is sooo romantic!! Nicely crafted in chocolate... thank you darling :) Cute heart borders....

Can't wait to scoop the tempting tiramisu....

BUT WAIT!!!! *



OH NO!!!




Waiter!!! There is something in my tiramisu!!




A DIAMOND ring!!!!

This gotta be the BEST tiramisu in the world

Free gift ke? Lucky draw? The chef accidentally slipped her ring while preparing my supermisu?





It's from my dearest hubby

2nd wedding anniversary gift!

Diamond is a girl bestfriend... Luv it!! Adore it!!

Thank you soooo much abang....



Love you always... come what may!



Hmmm.... LOVE is in the air!!

Chalo darlings!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Sexy pinky!

Dear Bloggers...
Sexy pinky is here to stay!!
Gorgeous Softie Jorie Marc by Marc Jacobs handbag
100% grained leather Soft satchel
10" high, 12 3/4" wide, 4 1/4" deep
8" double handle strap drop
Squary shocking pink textile lining
Top-zip closure
Outer zip pocket with logo charm
Two compartments with magnetic snap closures
Inner zip and multi-media slip pockets
Goldtone hardware
Free postage
for Peninsular Malaysia
This stunning handbag comes with a dustbag
All these for just
For any enquiry... or to place your order...
please email me at:
Chalo darlings!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Alamak!! BERHABUK sudah!

Dear Bloggers...
Wah! Pecah rekod ni...
Dah seminggu tak update blog.
Sori sangat-sangat kepada yang menunggu update...
dan terima kasih banyak-banyak kepada yang sudi singgah selalu!
I really really luv u guys for the undying support!!
Lately ni alhamdulillah... rezeki masyuk
Tempahan cupcakes pun banyak....
Stok beg pun jalan gak...
pssssttt! KIV ade preorder from US soon.. insyaAllah
just keep an eye on my coming updates kay!
Stok Premium Beautiful pun boleh tahan gak permintaannya...
malam ni nak gi top up stok
Jom kita jamu-jamu mata....
tengok cupcakes!

Specially crafted for my dearest boss...
Mr. Khaidhir
Oleh-oleh untuk Mr. Khaidhir
sempena majlis aqiqah puteranya
Majlis aqiqah yang amatle grand sekali!!
Thank you bos for the invitation
Kambing golek BBQ kat rumah bos tempoh hari...
amatlah sedap!!
Ini pulak khas untuk Anim

16 L size cupppies





Alhamdulillah... my first BIG ORDER

80 L size cuppies... 16 in each box


60 S size cuppies.... 25 and 35 pieces in each box respectively
Flavor: CHOCOLISCIOUS with buttercream toppings
Specially ordered by Assoc. Prof Dhamendra
Ready for delivery
Thank you Assoc. Prof Dhamendra for your big order!
Haaa!! Amcam? Ok tak?
Kalau keliuq... kene la order!
Setakat tengok gambo je tak rock la!!
Hehhehehe :)
specially baked for you
using the finest and freshest ingrediants
to ensure satisfaction at every bite!
To place your order... please email me at:
or for faster response... you can also sms or call me at:

Chalo darlings!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Isn't she lovely?

14th June 2009, Sunday, 0040H
Dear Bloggers...
Lookie.... lookie... what do we have here?
It's CHANEL bebeh...
simply irresistable, simply stunning, simply gorgeous!
A dream come true to most gals to have
one of this lovely arm candy
Terrific turqoise
something different will always be eye catching
a rare keep sake indeed!!
Correct me if I'm wrong... but this color is rather unique!
You will surely stand out in the crowd
aside from it being CHANEL of coz!!
Will brighten up any simple... plain outfit
the perfect size too!!
The classic chain can be worned as crossbody or
tug it in for the sassy classy clutch look
Perfect golden trimming

Roomy interior

* * * * *

So darlings... what say you? This CHANEL sling cum clutch is for SALE!!!

Despite that it is PRELOVED... it was well taken care off. No stain... no obvious scratch... no defect.... only worn a few times for formal functions

And of coz it is 100% AUTHENTIC + box + authenticity card + dustbag + care booklet

* * * *

All this for just RM4500!!

* * * *

Please email me for any enquiry:

Chalo darlings!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

TRIPLE chocolate delite!!

Thursday, 11th June 2009, 0530H
Dear Bloggers...
rezeki cupcakes masa cuti sekolah ni
amatlah menggalakkan
Ada yang nak kawin...
Ada yang nak bertunang...
Ada gak yang berkumpul ramai-ramai....
I'm sure the other cupcakes taukey
will agree with me...
I accidentally bumped into
a long lost friend at work
And guest what... she is pregnant with her 2nd child!!
Alhamdulillah Suri.... murah rezeki...
She was craving for something chocolaty
and she decided to order cuppies from me!
Chocoliscious cupcake with chocolate ganache toppings
and chocolate chips sprinkles!
Specially for my dearest friend Suri :)
Thanks for the order Suri
The next order came from Zana
Her elder sister was getting engaged...
so she decided to order 50 L size cuppies as favors
"Buatlah apa-apa design.... ade bunga pink and kuning...
buat lawa-lawa ye!"
So... here are the final product
And she was thrilled when she received it!
Thank you Zana
Purple and white
Specially crafted for Pusila for her niece engagement
She requested for something simple and nice
Her 1st remarks when she saw her cuppies...
Thank you so much Pusila... I'm flattered :)
My oh my.... I have to admit that this is the
most challenging cupcakes order that I have ever made!!
Well... the cuppies part is pretty simple and straight forward
The tricky part is the BOX DECO!!
Alamak!! This is my 1st time decorating a hantaran box
Theme of the day... Maroon and Gold
Cuppies are ready!!
Simple and sweet... just as requested :)
Nicely arranged in a transparent box with gold 'stage'
Each cuppies is held individually to avoid any unfortunate events
Mind you... this cuppies gonna travel from KL-JB!
Using the finest edible images specially ordered from K. Daalia
Happy Engagement to Paran & Puvanes!!
I just love those small, shiny silvery bits...
surrounding the edible images
if only I can have them in gold!
Presenting the final assemble
I'm glad that Paran & Puvanes were very happy
with the final product
She also added that my cuppies amazed many guests on
her engagement day
Thank you very much Paran & Puvanes for your order!
Indeed last week have been very hethic
Well... I'm not complaining... I'm actually very happy
to see the end products

And the most important thing is....
Psssttt... TODS is having SALES TODAY!!
Anyone wanna join me? Jom laaaa....
Mana la tau dapat beli beg idaman hati tu kan....
yang sangatla cantik... sangatla spacious and practical itu!!
InsyaAllah kalau ada rezeki....we'll see la ek
Tak sabarnyeeee.... sebelum subuh dah bangun ni
Chalo darlings!!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Main masak masak...

Dear Bloggers...
How was your weekend?
Saturday was super hot... so I decided to stay at home.
Just don't have the mood to go out... food hunting.
I can hardly recall when was the last time...
it rained heavily around my area... Shah Alam.
Rain.... rain... I miss you :(
For lunch... i decided to main masak-masak....
Menu for the day
Posing time...
before popping them into the oven
Made two... just in case it turned out nice...
Impatiently waiting in front of the oven
Rumbling hungry tummy!
Yeaayyy!! It's ready!
Alah... still have to wait
for a few minutes before
I c0uld sink my teeth into it.
It was burning hot... ouch!
Cut out a huge portion... for me!!!
Just the way I love it...
plenty of melting mozarella...
plenty of beef...
hot and spicy!!
Recipe by yours truly...
All in all....
was a great hit!!
Everyone at home love it to bits
Well.... who can go wrong with mozarella and beef!!
Will surely make it again someday!
Chalo darlings!

Friday, June 05, 2009


5th June 2009, 1300H
Dear Bloggers...
Interesting bargains at
are here again!
It has been sumtime since
I last updated items for sale...
So... watcha waiting for....
grab your favorite item
before they dissapear
Only ONE item is
available for each bargain!!
Jacobs by Marc Jacobs
electric orange
Not available in Malaysia
Only available at
Marc by Marc Jacobs boutique
in US and Hong Kong
Evegreen design from
Legacy Signature Wristlet
Banana Republic
green long dress
Material: strecthable
You can pair it up with...
or just on its own!
L size
* Postage is free
for Peninsular Malaysia only
are brand new!
Please email me at:
if you are interested
Chalo darlings!!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

CUPCAKESku yang comel lote...

2nd June 2009, 2330H
Dear Bloggers...
The title is kinda corny...
kinda perasan bagus...
alah... sekali sekala nak angkat bakul...
apa salahnyer :)
koleksi cupcakes
24th May 2009
  • Ada yang order box of 6...
  • nicely packed in gold box
  • 6 (L size) cupcakes
  • Thank you Dalina
Ada yang order box of 16...
16 (L size) cupcakes in
transparent box
Thank you Anim
Ada yang order box of 16...
in white box with window
16 (M size) cupcakes
Thank you Izzat
Ada yang order box of 5
5 (M size) cupcakes in transparent box Thank you Raezmeen

Ada yang order box of 9

9 (S size) cupcakes in transparent box

Thank you Elizabeth

Haaa... yang ni extra special, Elizabeth nak sample untuk full moon baby dia Currently she is 7 months pregnant Kalau ade rezeki... there will be more orders to come!

Nicely packed...
ready for delivery What do you think?
Comments are always welcome
Orders are of coz
welcome too!!
is just round the corner
Sunday, 7th June 2009
Pavilion KL
1100 -1130am
Kindly please place your order
5th June 2009
Chalo darlings!
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