Wednesday, August 05, 2009

I got a DATE with NICHOLAS!!

Dear Bloggers...
I am sooooo excited today!
It has been a while since i got a DATE...
On a WEEKDAY plak tu!
I slept early... woke up early... and dressed up fast!
Don't wanna make NICHOLAS wait :)
Date dengan NICHOLAS Cage kah?
Atau NICHOLAS Tse superstar Hong Kong itu kah?
Ngeh.... ngeh.... ngeh....
I have a date with NICHOLAS...
my dearie Physiotherapist at

Meredah jem Jalan Tun Razak...

I managed to reach 10 minutes earlier :)



My left knee has been sore and stiff for the past few days

Gosh.... tak bestnyer lah sakit lutut ni

Limping around the house with my 'new gadget' sucks bad time!

After a few simple muscle strengthening exercises...

the left knee felt better


To wrap up the 45 minutes session...
Nicholas put on the
Arctic Flow Cold Compress
to ease the swelling and pain
And of course he reminded me to continue
doing the excercise routines
that he had patiently (dah tua-tua ni degil sikit... hehehe) taught me
at least 3 times daily
Ok boss!! No prob :)
How could I say NO to some one as sweet as you!
And not just that...
if my muscles are still stiff and
my left knee is still swollen...
I won't be able to undergo the operation next week
Next physio session will be on Saturday
Yeayy!! Ada can nak keluar rumah...
or else
golek-golek atas katil
and limping around dalam bilik aje la gamaknyee!
How I miss the fresh air... hehehehe :)
Chalo darlings!!

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