Thursday, August 20, 2009

HAPPY day!

Dear Bloggers...
Yippie yippie yeay yeay yeay!!
Big smile on my face today
Why shouldn't I?
I got TWO
important DATES today
TWO charming, soft spoken and undoubtly pleasant
guys will be waiting for me
I'm off to Prince Court darlings!!
Dun wanna be late
Dun wanna make my
Orthopaedic surgeon
Well.. to tell you the truth,
I am thrilled to be out of the house...
even for a while!!
I had enuff of limping around
in my room for the last 4 days!
I need sum fresh air :)
I wanna limp away from home
(is there really such a statement?)
Chalo darlings!
Pssttt!! I'll update the HANTARAN story later kay. Stay tuned!

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