Sunday, August 23, 2009

MISSING them!!

Dear Bloggers...
It has been a while since i baked
Oh!! How I miss my oven....
my hand mixer... my solo cups!!
Praying hard for my speedy recovery
I can hardly do much limping around
with crutches on both hands
Was browsing tru pictures in my lappy
and I found
these pictures
Well... to be exact, I still have a few sets of
pictures which I have not uploaded yet
For today...
let's just have a look at these
Don't you just luv the sweet and girlie color?
purple + pink + white
Specially ordered by:
for her BFF's birthday
She meticulously picked the theme color...
and deco
And she said they turned out
Thank you very much dear
for your purchase :)
I'll upload the other batches later kay!
Chalo darlings!

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