Wednesday, September 30, 2009

MENUMIS bawang di MUKA!!

Dear Bloggers...

Do you suffer from OILY FACE?

I DO!!

Serius TAK SUKA!!
By late morning my T zone is sticky and oily....
"Ye puan-puan... pagi ni kita nak masak apa ye?
Sila tumis bawang di muka saya... hehehe"
Ruining the makeup... blotchy... yuccckkss!!
Apa lagi... capai ajelah....

Tapi.... itu pun tahan kejap je
An hour later... it's OILY again
So... what to do?
So... what to tepek-tepek?
Keep on blotching sampai sebekas ni tahan seminggu je?
Gi ladies basuh muka? Yeah rite... macam la sempat!

I found this!! Best best!!

Apa ni ye?
Review at kata...

Givenchy Mister Mat
Mattifying Foundation Primer
What is it:
A mattifying powder gel.
What it does:
Givenchy Mister Mat Mattifying Foundation Primer is
a soft skin primer that can be used alone
or under makeup for a velvety smooth complexion.
The lightweight fluid softens and hydrates
with silicone gum extracts;
and plant extracts work to control sebum production,
which provides a long-lasting matte effect that remains
light enough to let skin breathe.
The subtle light-blue pearlescent shimmers counteract
a dull look and minimize the appearance of large pores,
leaving skin looking bright and glowing with health
I dah gi survey harga....
0.8oz/25ml RM108
kata SA kat kaunter Givenchy tu
Tapi takde stok, so... I mintak sample...
I read online once....
"I you are buying a new product,
get the sample or smallest size fisrt as trial.
The product might not suit you well.
And if that it so.... no money (or less money) goes to waste!"
Kinda pricy coz tak le banyak mana
Tapi... nak pakai pun tak banyak mana
Everytime apply kat area T zone saiz kacang hijau je
Sikit je.... so the whole tube will last you at least 1 year
I applied MISTER MAT after my moisturizer today....
followed by my 2 way cake foundation
around 630am gitu...
Ye... saya malas nak tepek macam-macam
I am not a make up person
+ lipstick and off I go
10am - muka maintain tak oily
(selalunye dah boleh menumis ni)
12noon - still OK
2pm - baru oily sikit, itu pun kat tepi hidung je
Cun lah!! Ada kemajuan
Esok nak pakai MISTER MAT lagi...
korang nak cuba tak?
Gi la testing kat kaunter Givenchy
Kalau yang lelaki pon boleh pakai tau coz product ni takde color
Nampak matte je... sempoi!!
Sure aweks jeling-jeling... jelez la tu.... hehehe
Berbaloi baloi!!!
Chalo darlings!!

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