Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Dear Bloggers...

I'm back in the kitchen after a looooooong hault
Alhamdulillah.... lutut kiri ni dah beransur sembuh
Dah boleh berdiri menimbang tepung... gula... butter and sebagainya
Bestnye dah boleh jalan tak pakai crutches
Cuma naik turun tangga tu masih kene pakai crutch lagi
coz rasa tak konfiden nak melangkah naik dan turun
All in all I'm thrilled coz I am
Orders for cupcakes
and cakes (will update later)
are open again!
Mari kita jamu mata dengan koleksi-koleksi cupcakes terdahulu

Shamala ordered 40 M size cupcakes for her
beloved sons birthday party
She chose green for the theme color
Thank you Shamala for your order :)

Special request from Dr. Nurul for her farewell party
Each cupcake is decorated with her buddy's name
I enjoyed decorating every single cupcake and
was really satisfied with the end products!
Thank you Dr. Nurul for your order :)

Southpark cartoon character
Requested by Dr. Haniza
Premium Cupcakes with consists of
16 L size moist chocolate cupcakes with
plenty of chocolate chips inside and
topped with thick gooey rich choc fudge
To die for cupcakes if you are a chocolate addict just like
Dr. Haniza
Thanks a bunch for your order!!
If you are interested to place your orders...
just email me at:


Chalo darlings!

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