Sunday, September 13, 2009

LUV the movie!

Dear Bloggers...
It has been a while since I'm updating
I got back to work on Tuesday and it was kinda busy
But I did manage to catch this movie on the opening day
The movie was GREAT and HILARIOUS
I totally enjoyed myself
The real world of dating sucks...
sumtimes you hev to pretend to be sumthing that you are not,
just to catch a 'big fish'!
sumtimes you just have to be shallow and a bimbo,
just to get that dream guy that you hev been dying for!
I can bet nearly 90% of you gals out there have a
CHECKLIST of  "How a PERFECT partner shud be"
And I'm not wrong to say...
how many lucky gals out there
manage to get a partner that fulfill even half of the criterias
that hev been carefully written in that loooooooong list!!!
Well... that's the
One of the best romantic comedy this year
Personally... I prefer this movie to The Proposal
Why dont you go and watch it yourself?
If you are sucker for romantic comedies (like me)...
THE UGLY TRUTH for the world!!!
I won't spoil the fun by giving you the synopsis :)
But I really wanna watch it again!!
Chalo darlings!!

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