Saturday, July 11, 2009

My LIPS like SUGAR!!!

Dear Bloggers...
Da double dee double di, da double dee double di
Da double dee double di, da double dee double di,
Da double dee double di
Da double dee double di, da double dee double di
My lips like sugar... my lips like sugar
This candy got you sprung... this candy got you sprung
So call me your sugar... so call me your sugar
You love you some... you love you some
Just luv that song... spunky and upbeat!
Well... well... well... what do we hev here?
Lippies... is many shades of red
Which one is your favorite?
Which brand is your choice?
Lets share it with me and the other bloggers....
Girlie talk! Yeah darlings... would be fun!
Hmm... what now?
What is FREE?
FREE stuff is ALWAYS good!
Be it just a simple cup of coffee or even sumthing more... like a diamond ring maybe?
Well darlings... remember this?
The luscious lipstick is absolutely FREE!!! Sounds cool rite?
Maybe some of you are wondering... what's the catch
Well... wait no more....
This sexy arm candy awaits!
just click the above for more views
Well darlings.... here's the (great) deal...
Just purchase the about sweetie for RM1300
free postage to Peninsular Malaysia
and you get to choose
ONE lipstick of your choice
just ensure that the color and brand is available in Klang Valley.... hehehe :)
Just name it and I'll get it for you
Do not worry about old stock... unused lipstick... stock clearance etc
The lipstick will be BRAND NEW from the beauty counter!!
Btw... I have not bought the lipstick yet coz I have no idea which one will you choose to acompany your sexy pinky arm candy!!
BRAND NEW lipstick and handbag too!!
Waaah!! Sound really good rite?
Well... what are you waiting for...
there is only ONE bag and ONE free lipstick to give away....
just email me to secure your items today!!
Great offer like this doesnt come often darlings!!
Chalo darlings!

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