Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Cutie nyummy CUPPIES!

Dear Bloggers....
It's cuppies time again!!
This time around.... the cuppies were specially designed
for a friend of mine.... Halim
Halim ordered these cupcakes for his wife's birthday
Oh my!! So sweeeeeeettt and romantic!!
Thank you Halim for your order!
And I am glad to know that your beloved wife
was thrilled to receive these lovely cupcakes!!
16 M size cuppies
Ahah!! These gorgeous maroon and gold cuppies
were neatly and carefully assembled for Azhar
Azhar specially ordered these cupcakes for his cousin's wedding!!
Another romantic guy!
Just love those maroon roses!
My hantaran sets come in as such....
beautifully decorated transparent box with
25 M size cuppies
Just decide on the theme color and I will put on my thinking cap...
and I promise to come up with the best idea
just for you!
Azhar opted for the butterfly deco with arcylic maroon flowers!
Simply elegant!
Azhar and the new wed couple truly love the cupcakes!
Thank you very much for your order
and I'm glad to deliver my very best to you!
* *
Well... two satisfied customers will just brighten up my day!!
Chalo darlings!


azhar said...

thanks a lot for the marvelous n volupcious n delicious cup cakes!!!!everybody happy n terpegun tgk cupcakes yang sangat cantik itu...dan pasti nya sudah ada yang mau mengorder nya....cuma belum kesampaian tarikh lagi..pasti akan dikirim lagi!!
semua happy n puji.....yang penting,they ols tak percaya ni cupcakes amatur..hahaha!NAK ORDER FOR HARI RAYA!!keep it up Dr.Syitah!!try to expend to cakes as well n do the same deco...its a good started!n thanks a gain for the simple elegant cupcakes.

Masyithah Ma'arof said...

azhar - auuuwwww!! terharunyer saye membaca komen. thank you sooo much for giving me the opportunity to decorate the cupcakes for you. and of coz i am delighted to know that everybody is satisfied with the cupcakes! boleh... apa salahnyer nak order lagi. just book the date early kay :)

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