Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Wanna have a 'CUPCAKE Sunday'?

Dear Bloggers...
Just wanna share with all of you
the order I made on Monday
for a returning customer...
my dearest collegue at work.
Earlier she bought 2 cupcakes
and it was 'gone' in split seconds!!
So she decided to order a few more...
for her kids at home.

Really glad to know that her kids luv them too!!

She opted for similar designs
like I made the 1st time around
Moist choc cake with
buttercream toppings
"For all cupcake lovers out there"
I'm planning to bake
choc moist cupcakes
with buttercream icing
this coming Sunday!!
All of you
are welcome to place your orders
latest by
Friday, 8th May 2009.
This time around...
I'm accepting a minimum order
of 6 cupcakes
(Usually it is at least 12 cupcakes)
These cupcakes will be
placed in a cute box...
as shown below
with ribbon and tag!!
Just a little note:
My cupcakes are extra LARGE
My cupcakes are baked
to perfection
in 3.25oz solo cup
6 extra LARGE
choc moist cupcakes
with buttercream icing
in a box
with ribbon & tag included
ALL these for just
Pick up place:
Sunday 10th May 2009
The Curve Kota Damansara
To place your order...
or any further inquiry...
please email me at:
So darlings...
watcha waitin' for?
Let's have a
Chalo darlings!

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