Friday, May 08, 2009

How about CUPCAKES for your beloved mom?

Dear Bloggers...
My oh my!!
Hampir saya terlupa...
Ahad ni..
Mother's Day!!!
Ish... tak patut sungguh!!
Takpe.. takpe...
ade 2 hari lagi sebelum
Mother's Day :)
Eh kejap...
tak beli apa-apa pun lagi untuk mama!
Relax darlings...
How about
for your beloved mom
on Mother's Day?
Freshly baked... home made...
100% quality cupcakes...
with the best ingrediants...
to ensure maximum satisfaction....
no preservative...
& halal of coz!!
6 extra large chocolicious
choc moist cupcakes
with buttercream
Cutely packed in
with ribbon and tag!!
I can always type your own wordings
just for your beloved mom
at no extra charge
All this for just
So.... you will still have
xtra budget to buy mom
flowers or treat her to a hearty meal!!
Sounds cool to me!!
What do you think?
I'm sure your mom will be happy :)
I'm a mother myself... I would be!
Just pick them up at:
The Curve on
Mother's Day
Now tak payah fenin-fenin kepala lagi :)
Place your order at:
Latest by tonight at 11pm
Thank you darlings!!

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