Saturday, January 03, 2009

UPDATED - 25th January 2008

Dear bloggers... Latest updates are as follows: 1. MARC JACOBS funky tiger red and blue wrislet - sold to Havenly Lily 2. MARC JACOBS classic flower black and blue wristlet - sold to Lyzza 3. MARC JACOBS black wallet - sold to Leed 4. MARC JACOB brown wallet - sold to Erna 5. DKNY light brown wallet - sold to Dr. KB 6. BANANA REPUBLIC long green dress - booked by Aina Ajeep 7. BANANA REPUBLIC green top - sold to Ninie 8. BANANA REPUBLIC black top - booked by Ayra 9. BANANA REPUBLIC blue top - sold to Farah 10. MARC JACOBS purple and red checkers wrislet - sold to Nurul 11. COACH Ergo leather wristlet - sold to Siti 12. COACH Metalic goldy wrislet - sold to Shah 13. COACH pink patchwork - sold to K. JB 14. COACH browny patchwork duffle - sold to Shah 15. COACH legacy grey leather - sold to K. JB 16. DKNY beige wallet - booked by Nizza 17. MARC JACOB brown wallet - sold to Erna


:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...


hey there masyit...wahhhh business looking good eiiii ;)
good good!
u guys still in LA or dah balik dah???
n hows shopping over there?!??! best kannnnnn!!!!

Masyithah Ma'arof said...

hai verde!! how r u? dah start keje blom? dah recover? kitaorang dah balik la. touchdown 2jan09. dah start keje pon dengan penuh kemalasan. hehehehe :P alhamdulillah... so far so good. tq banyak2 tolong promo blog kitaorg. shopping kat LA best gile... rasa nak pegi lagi. tapi tak tau la bilanye. hehehe :)

Irish said...

Hello there,
Wanted to email you but I don't have your email address Can i check on the tukang urut that you mentioned?? Can give me the contact? Thanks a lot.
I can be reachable at

Thank you.

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