Friday, January 16, 2009

LeShine PRICELIST! so wanna go to LeShine! Me so wanna spa that bag of mine... BUT
How much eh? Will it cost a bomb? Will I have to sustain on Maggi mee throughout the week? Will I not be able to buy another designer handbag at Pavilion at the end of the month?
Cheer up darlings... here comes the reasonable and affordable pricelist!
LeShine charges according to your handbag size.
Please take note that all measurements are in cm :)
Full clean: (length + width) x 3.3
Partial clean: (length + width) x 1.8
Spot clean: (length + width) x 1.0
example: My bag is 30cm in length and 20cm in width. It needs a full clean.
(30+20) x 3.3 = 165 = RM165 only! No kidding!
Full restoration/dye: (length + width) x 6.0
Partial restoration/dye: (length + width) x 3.3
Spot restoration/dye: (length + width) x 1.8
NOTE: All restoration charges is excluded of the cleaning price. Therefore, if you wanna dye a bag... you need to add up cleaning price and restoration/dye price.
A pair of shoes, sneakers, heels and slippers is RM30 per pair.
Jacket is less than RM120.
They also sells products to clean your leather yourself, protection for your bags and other stuffs/services as well. They also entertain special request such as remove odor, patchwork cleaning, retain trimming, metal polish etc at a fraction of a price.
After servicing the bag, it will look at least 80% new or clean!!
Yes!! Lets head to LeShine for a bag spa!! See you there!

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