Thursday, June 11, 2009

TRIPLE chocolate delite!!

Thursday, 11th June 2009, 0530H
Dear Bloggers...
rezeki cupcakes masa cuti sekolah ni
amatlah menggalakkan
Ada yang nak kawin...
Ada yang nak bertunang...
Ada gak yang berkumpul ramai-ramai....
I'm sure the other cupcakes taukey
will agree with me...
I accidentally bumped into
a long lost friend at work
And guest what... she is pregnant with her 2nd child!!
Alhamdulillah Suri.... murah rezeki...
She was craving for something chocolaty
and she decided to order cuppies from me!
Chocoliscious cupcake with chocolate ganache toppings
and chocolate chips sprinkles!
Specially for my dearest friend Suri :)
Thanks for the order Suri
The next order came from Zana
Her elder sister was getting engaged...
so she decided to order 50 L size cuppies as favors
"Buatlah apa-apa design.... ade bunga pink and kuning...
buat lawa-lawa ye!"
So... here are the final product
And she was thrilled when she received it!
Thank you Zana
Purple and white
Specially crafted for Pusila for her niece engagement
She requested for something simple and nice
Her 1st remarks when she saw her cuppies...
Thank you so much Pusila... I'm flattered :)
My oh my.... I have to admit that this is the
most challenging cupcakes order that I have ever made!!
Well... the cuppies part is pretty simple and straight forward
The tricky part is the BOX DECO!!
Alamak!! This is my 1st time decorating a hantaran box
Theme of the day... Maroon and Gold
Cuppies are ready!!
Simple and sweet... just as requested :)
Nicely arranged in a transparent box with gold 'stage'
Each cuppies is held individually to avoid any unfortunate events
Mind you... this cuppies gonna travel from KL-JB!
Using the finest edible images specially ordered from K. Daalia
Happy Engagement to Paran & Puvanes!!
I just love those small, shiny silvery bits...
surrounding the edible images
if only I can have them in gold!
Presenting the final assemble
I'm glad that Paran & Puvanes were very happy
with the final product
She also added that my cuppies amazed many guests on
her engagement day
Thank you very much Paran & Puvanes for your order!
Indeed last week have been very hethic
Well... I'm not complaining... I'm actually very happy
to see the end products

And the most important thing is....
Psssttt... TODS is having SALES TODAY!!
Anyone wanna join me? Jom laaaa....
Mana la tau dapat beli beg idaman hati tu kan....
yang sangatla cantik... sangatla spacious and practical itu!!
InsyaAllah kalau ada rezeki....we'll see la ek
Tak sabarnyeeee.... sebelum subuh dah bangun ni
Chalo darlings!!

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