Monday, June 20, 2011

Nak bagi GIVEAWAY lah :)

Dear Bloggers..

It's MONDAY - starting of the week!!
FRIDAY is far far away :(

Dah le tu... TENGAH BULAN
Gaji belum masuk...
wallet dah tiris..
belanja harian jalan macam biasa gak kan?

makin MONDAY BLUES le jadinye..

nak tolong mengubat kesedihan ni
well... tak le nak bagi duit bongkah-bongkah...

Nak bagi simple GIVE AWAY je :)

I'm giving away ONE of these cuties
Marc by Marc Jacob
chunky... funky... keychain!

Just email me a picture/print screen of visitor no

*don'f forget to provide me your full name,
full address and contact no kay :)

Click  click and away...

Chalo bloggers :)

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