Thursday, June 09, 2011

How can we say NO!!! (if we can afford it!)

Dear Bloggers...

Mencanak-canak harga beg idaman kalbu ni...
la ni harga kat KL memang meletopsss!!!

I'll try my best to quote you
a good and irresistable price

Jom tengok... OK tak price quo I?

GST Caviar Black or Beige
(RM8920 in KLCC)

Jumbo Caviar Black or Beige
Single flap RM12k
(KLCC: RM13770)
*I'll try my best to get you the single flap if any available

Double flap RM13k
(KLCC: RM14770)




Waaaa!!! Makin mahal dari setahun ke setahun!!
Bukan end of last year baru naik ke harga beg-beg ni kan?

Despite all that...
the demand for these bags are still high..
kinda limited stock available overseas
Will try my best to get hold of them for you :)

Chalo darlings!

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