Thursday, April 15, 2010


Dear Bloggers...

Apa khabar korang semua?
I am so very sorry coz lama sangat tak update blog
TQ very much to those yang sudi sms n bertanya khabar

Things around me are chaotic at this point of time
I just hev too much things to do with too little time in hand

Tak senang jadi ibu tinggal ni
My little boy.... which is not so little anymore...
clingy sangat coz papanyer takde
Lepas balik keje.... nak mandi pun rushing!!
Coz tuan kecik dah hysterical depan toilet door!
Amirul... Amirul... macam-macam kerenah dia :)

Work... household chores.... menunggu bibik baru....
thesis to write.... classes to conduct....
online business.... cupcakes.... handbags..... 
dan macam-macam lagi

Am I a  
wanna be or what??

Oh well... that's life kan?
Just hev to do my best to make sure everything falls into place
I hope I will be up and going with my blogging activities
pretty soon
Oh! How I miss you guys to bits!!!

Gotta run!!!
Will be back... soon :) 

Chalo darlings!!


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