Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Dear Bloggers....

For those who have not
placed their orders for
items from United Kingdom...
kindly be informed that the

 is on
29th January 2010

Shopping in London and
the ever-so-famous shoppers heaven
Bicester Village Outlet
will take place sumtime this weekend

You wouldn't want to miss this
opportunity to own
that gorgeous sumthing
that you have been dying to have for...
but a bit too pricy in KL!!

Harrods.... Bond Street... Oxford Street..
just to name a few

Psst... I'm going to
Louis Vuitton at Oxford Street
to shop in style for
Louis Vuitton Odeon MM
this weekend


Wanna place your orders too?
How about the
latest in trend this season?

Louis Vuitton
Damier Azur collection
Pure and naive but with
timeless style and grace
Simply mesmerizing!!!
Be the first few to have them
much cheaper price then KL

Chalo bloggers!!

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