Friday, April 10, 2009

The story of 'PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL less than RM1999!'

Dear Bloggers...
It has been a while since I last updated CHICK STUFFS.
Has been tied up with work... a pretty hethic week for me.
Nevertheless, I enjoyed every second of it.
Learnt many interesting, once in a lifetime
and eye-opening scenarios...
I will share these great experiences with
all of you dear bloggers one day. InsyaAllah.
Aside from work, I still find time to browse tru my mailbox daily.
Lately I've been receiving a few emails
wanting to know more about
for less than RM1999'
I guess it would be easier to put it up here...
so that I can share with the other bloggers as well....
who might be interested to know.

As stated in previous blog entry... I'm selling



for less than RM1999

A few common questions that I received are:

Is it NON AUTHENTIC? Is this a SCAM?
Answer to ALL: Of coz NO!!!
  • Why would I jeopardize my online business... right?
  • Even if I were to sell fake items; which i claimed to be authentic... customers can very well track and get back to me either at my workplace or home (I'm working fulltime at a very well known place in Petaling Jaya remember? If I were to mention it here, more than 90% of you know that place very well)
  • Why on earth would I want to put myself into such trouble?
  • Yes... as all of us are well aware of the distributor's price for PB is RM2k.
  • And most distributors out there is selling it
  • ranging from RM2300-2600 (depending on the size).
  • Here is the REAL story behind my

Hai O Marketing Malaysia is a Multi Level Marketing (MLM) company. One can join as a distributor with a capital of RM20k... and you will receive 10 sets of PB (you can choose other Hai O products too). Which means.. each PB is RM2k. By recruiting your friends to join the 'RM20k MLM business'.. you will gain profit from Hai O. At the same time... you can also sell your PB and gain profit. 2 simple ways of gaining profit. Super cool!! If you are determined, competitive and hardworking... in no time you will gain back your RM20k and much more! Wallah!! Such a great business :)

My dear friend has gained his profit and all the perks of Hai O business over the last 2 years... luxury car... dream vacations... awards etc. However... he (and his subordinates) still has a number of PB to sell off. In view of his HUGE profit.. he is letting go these PB for LOW LOW LOW prices. Well... not everybody can afford to buy a foundation lingerie that cost nearly as much as your 1 month salary... so why not grab this GOLDEN PB opportunity?!! By the way.. PB is not some kinda food product with an expiry date. Eventhough these 'unsold' PB has been kept for more than 2 years, it won't go bad. It is still AUTHENTIC and BRAND NEW!! It still comes with Hai O untempered price tags (which in total add ups to roughly RM2600)... customer card.... original packaging. Just like the normal priced PB.

Yes darlings... spend wisely! Simple analogy... Dato Siti Nurhaliza is super famous and super duper rich for a Malaysian singer. She can travel the world... buy limited edition LV bags... wear designer clothes everyday... fine dine every meal... anything money can buy is possible. So... she surely can sell CDs cheaper than other singers. Profit is NO MORE her priority... she simply wants more people to enjoy her music... she is giving it back to the society. Hey! We have Karma Yoga too - free yoga classes!
Same concept apllied here... (but I can't be giving out PB for free... sorry... hehehe) PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL for less than RM1999!! That is pretty lotsa saving darlings!! You can save up to buy new clothings once you lost weight and toned up... yeayy!!
Still unhappy? Still in doubt? Why not email me for further enquiry at:
I will me more than happy to assisst you in any way i can.
I'm here to help a dear friend (and his subordinates)
to clear up their PB stock...
and let 'us' help you to own PB at a more irresistable price!

Ohya... just a little note.

Remaining PB is limited

Place your order today before the stock runs out.

Just in case you a wondering...

I've called up Hai O hotline today at 0333488588 and they say it is solely up to the distributor to put a price on the PB that they are selling. There is NO rules or regulation implementd by Hai O that a distributor MUST sell PB or any other Hai O products based on the price tags given. If PROFIT is NOT YOUR PRIORITY... it is up to you to sell it any any desired price. You can even give it away for FREE!! (hehehe... I'm not that generous yet!) Hai O will neither take action nor suspend your distributor status. And yes.. the Hai O PB lifetime warranty is still applicable because you are buying the AUTHENTIC PB. Similar quality... similar benefit... just cheaper! Aside... these PB have already 'been bought' at RM2k each when they signed up for the 'RM20k MLM business'. Hai O has already gain their profit.

Just call the above number during office hour if you are still in doubt. The Hai O Marketing Helpline friendly operator is ever willing to help you to answer any question related to Hai O products.

Chalo darlings!!

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