Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Haa!! Inilah dia PERCUBAAN PERTAMA saya!!

Dear Bloggers...
Wah wah!!
What do we have here at
New handbag ke?
New dress ke?
Ada henbeg baru mencari teman
Nanti-nanti saya upload kay
Hari ni kita tukar topik cikit!
is moving on to something
but still in trend and chic of coz!!
Baked to perfection...
prettyly designed...
home made... delicious... halal...
cutie cupcakes!!
Well... frankly speaking
I just luv cooking & baking
Have been well known
for my to-die-for
chocolate moist cake
chocolate fudge topping
since secondary school years
until my present working days
Till date... I have sold
more than 50 of them
over the past 15years
Well... tak la banyak mana
but I'm still proud of my homemade cakes
Lagipun... I dont bake & sell cake fulltime
By request only
Hehehehe :)
Cop!! 50 tu yang dijual
kalau include yang makan suka-suka
ada more than 100
Kira I berani kata yang
kek ni memang sedaplah
since 15years ago...
the recipe remains unchanged!!
And these cakes have never
dissapointed anyone who tasted them
So... kali ni
this simply mouth watering
moist chocolate cakes
has been transformed into
Seronok tengok semuanyer
mengembang sedatar je :)
Sesi menepek buttercream pink...
Buttercream beige pun ade jugak...
Touch up bunga sikit
Hmmm... tak berapa pandai lagi
Mind you... this is my 1st time
piping buttercream
No official class at Wilton or as such
Takpe.. takpe...
practice makes PERFECT!
Taraaa!!! Dah siap!!
Amcam? OK tak?
Walaupun tak semolek cupcakes
hasil tangan otai-otai...
saya puas hati!
75 cupcakes berposing!!
Specially ordered by
a bunch of my collegues at work
Guys!! Thank you so much
for your support!!
Zoom sikit...
Zoom lagi....
Sekali lagi zoom... Chewah!! The 1st batch has been delivered safely Semua kawan-kawan puas hati mereka kata memang sedap... secukup chocolate... moist.... tak manis sangat cupcake tu... tapi topping a bit sweet takpe... lain kali leh adjust and of coz harga berpatutan! InsyaAllah they will order again next time :) Alhamdulillah! Clap clap for me!! So my dear bloggers... what say you? Jangan la dok telan air liuq je... If you are interested to have a bite do email me for order enquires! Oh... didnt I tell you that I already have 2 big orders.. 50 cupcakes on 1st June 2009 (favors for majlis bertunang) and 150 cupcakes on 25th June 2009 (favors for majlis akad nikah) Aside from that... komen-komen membina anda amatlah dialu-alukan! Semoga percubaan pertama ini tidak berakhir di sini saja!! Chalo darlings!

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