Monday, August 30, 2010


Dear Bloggers...

Who's up for a QUICKIE?
Haha... don't get me wrong!!
AD HOC SHOPPING je... hehehehe :)

I only have ONE more day in Taipei
Sesiapa yang berminat....
tolong comfirm order by tonite ye :)
*with 50% non refundable deposit

Items akan touch down LCCT esok malam
Just nice for raya :)

Happy shopping darlings!!

Long Wallet ala-ala Coffer
Sedondon dengan brass buckle Coffer

Pleated macam Coffer jugak...
tapi yang ni zip around long wallet
Boleh muat International Pasport

Slightly smaller pleats
Comel and sweet :)
Zip dari sebelah yang panjang ke bawah (on side sahaja)

Pleated sedondon dengan Coffer
Tapi zip sama dengan W7 dan W8
(longest length ke one side je)




Just email/sms me for enquiry :)


Chalo darlings!!

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