Saturday, March 07, 2009

GRAZIE darlings!!

Dear Darlings...
My special thanks to...
-= Sofea =-
-= Nurul Aina =-
-= Wan Mimie Zahirah =-
-= Elina =-
-= Abdul Halim =-
for shopping with
Gorgeous Gucci wallet
Unique Furla wallet
Stylish D&G belt
Elegant Furla handbag
Irresistable Prada wallet
I hope all the items have reached you in good condition
May you like them as much I d0!
*was drooling over these items when I got hold of them the 1st time
*wish I can have them ALL!!!
For those who had missed this opportunity...
Dun weri darlings...
More PREORDER to come in the future!!
Just LOOK OUT for my coming updates!!
Chalo darlings!

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